Women of Today

Any person 18 years or older can join the Heartland Women of Today. Our members come from every walk of life, from homemakers to architects. With your membership in the Heartland Women of Today, you automatically become a member of the State and National Organizations! Our Organization does not endorse political candidates or issues, nor is it involved in any particular religion. Members share a desire to serve their community as caring volunteers and they work toward the betterment of their lives and of the people around them.

Nebraska Women of Today

We believe that faith in God, gives meaning and purpose to human endeavor: that for every wrong, there is a right, for every foe, there is a friend; that listening to all, then searching for truth, and learning to lose, makes winning sweeter; for we work with our hands as well as our hearts; and we know so well the work that is done when WOMEN OF TODAY work together as ONE!